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Making the process of preparing for and completing cyber audits simply and straight forward. Small to medium companies make up the majority of the business world yet they typically struggle to understand the tasks needed to secure their environment. Leveraging the Cyber Audit NOW platform businesses of any size can benefit from the knowledge they are following industry standard to help keep them and their businesses safe.

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Where We Help You Prepare

Undergoing a cyber audit can be a difficult, confusing and time consuming task. At Cyber Audit NOW we work to make the process of assessing and preparing your business environment for the cyber security issues being faced each day. Our methodology and platform allow you to evaluate and document your business environment and processes around cyber security. The threats of cyber attacks are ever-changing and ever-evolving, the ability to work from a common framework allows businesses to make sure they are protecting the most common areas of attack. From that common baseline you can more easily respond to new threat.



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Allow us to assist you and your business with a free assessment of your current cyber security state to get you started.


Our Specialization

The Cyber Audit NOW platform allows non-technical user to work through the areas or the business that are most commonly a threat. This allows the process of being prepared to be a collaborative effort across business units versus simply being an IT department task to be completed.


We help the responsible business units prepare their responses to each area of the questionnaire.


We have the expertise to help design the strategy needed to complete an audit.


We can be an integral part of the process to completing the audit. Then putting the plan together to correct compliance issues.

What Our Clients Say

Helping our clients become knowledgeable about cyber security and cyber audits in is primary goal. Then help them where they need it to make sure they are safe and secure for daily operation.

The process was super easy and it allowed us to find gaps in our environment.
Margaret Curtis​
Real Estate Developer
The framework was easy to understand and it allow us to work with out IT department to make sure we are safe and secure.
Matthew Fox​
Development Company
The system made it easy for us to work with our outsourced IT firm to complete the questions and understand our environment better.
John Doe